Protests, Earthquakes, and Peace Deals

New to ICYMI- with each weekly post I will include the most recent polls averaged over at  This is my morning read every day. If you want a more in depth scoop/perspective on the election, this is a great start.  Amatrice, Italy suffered a 6.2 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday, killing 290 people and flattening 3 medieval … More Protests, Earthquakes, and Peace Deals

Science & Mother Earth

Lately I have been reading a lot of Wait But Why, a really smart, well-researched, and even funny blog on science, culture, the history of life on earth, and now-life on MARS. Freaking MARS people!! Shit that you might have never thought interesting, but really ARE…complete with amusing stick drawings. Right at my artistic level.  The author, … More Science & Mother Earth