Children Need Stability & Montessori

I’ve read a lot of books on child development, the Montessori method, positive parenting,  etc.  Coming from a background in psychology, and neuropsych specifically, it has been drilled into my head the importance of evidence-based practices (thanks Kennedy Krieger!). I was not sold on Montessori until I learned how much the philosophy jives with what we … More Children Need Stability & Montessori

Montessori & the Top 10 Skills Needed to Thrive

I recently came across a great article entitled “Top 10 Skills Middle School Students Need to Thrive, and How Parents Can Help.” As a Montessori mom, I’m sitting here smugly patting myself on the back. Hey, when you feel like you’re actually doing something right with this parenting thing, you better soak it up. I’m … More Montessori & the Top 10 Skills Needed to Thrive