Climb Zone Laurel, Md.

Yesterday I joined a friend of mine at Climb Zone in Laurel, MD.  I’m not a climber, but my 6 year old enjoys it and my husband would love to do more. After going there, I want to start climbing too! Had I not had a sprained ankle and flip flops, I totally would have done it; fear of heights be damned. My 4 year old is slowly starting to warm up to it.
It wasn’t cheap…$25 per person over 6 years, $12 per preschool kid (2-5 years), but it’s for 3 hours and they also have bounce houses. I found it to be a waste of money for my youngest not to climb, but at least he had a blast bouncing around. If you want to get your full time’s worth, eat before you come, or you could bring food in. There are tables to eat and it seems that people tend to order pizzas. (there was a big receptacle just for empty pizza boxes) They only have (unhealthy) snacks there, no actual meals.
Knowing all of this, I can see us coming back as a family day trip.  Also good to know, you can complete their waivers online before you go and save you some time once you are there. Have fun!
Check out their site for more info, including climbing classes.


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