Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m a thirty-something stay at home mom with 2 little kids (about 3.5 and 18 months) and a 10 year old stepson.  I’m very fortunate to have a supportive and loving husband and healthy, happy kids.  My husband is French, so I’ll share the fun of raising kids bilingually and struggling to improve my French. And by “struggling” I mean, having no discipline or motivation to practice and then getting upset when I can’t get through a conversation with my in-laws.

My background is in psychology. After earning my masters degree in Clinical Psychology, I worked with clients suffering from traumatic brain injuries, then in a women’s prison, and finally in neuropsychology working mostly with children with developmental disabilities.

I have a lot of interests that I hope to share through this blog. Those include politics, current events, mommy stuff, traveling, cooking and other random pursuits. I have a passion for learning to the point of overwhelm. I’ve lost count of how many free online courses I’ve taken, have about 5 books piled up to read and I’m teaching myself how to play piano. Guitar is next. I’d like to learn to paint one day….you see where this is going. There should be a little something for everyone.

You might wonder when I have the time for all of this…I don’t really. It takes me forever to finish a book. I also leave Spongebob Squarepants on all day so my kids will leave me alone. Just kidding. See what did I did there?  Humor is important too; if nothing else, I hope to get a few laughs in.

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