Protests, Earthquakes, and Peace Deals

New to ICYMI- with each weekly post I will include the most recent polls averaged over at  This is my morning read every day. If you want a more in depth scoop/perspective on the election, this is a great start.
 Amatrice, Italy suffered a 6.2 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday, killing 290 people and flattening 3 medieval towns in central Italy.
In Colombia, a peace deal was reached between its government and FARC rebels. A ceasefire will be announced today.
Students at the University of Texas are protesting an open carry policy with dildos. You read me. Dildos. The “Cocks Not Glocks” protest aims to “fight absurdity with absurdity” as the school’s code of conduct does not allow students to carry sex toys on campus, but guns are A-OK.
Clinton and Trump had a war of words this week, essentially calling each other bigots. Clinton spoke out about Trump’s courting the alt-right, feeding & validating hate groups. Trump called Clinton a bigot while describing the lives of people of color in America in dystopian hellhole terms and arguing “what have you got to lose? Vote for me!” Shockingly, this approach does not seem to be working.
However, most pundits seem to agree that trump is not really courting the black vote so much as he is courting moderate republicans who don’t want to vote for an out and out racist.
Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the 49ers, caused a stir this week when he sat during the national anthem in protest of the US’s treatment of people of color. The Internet was ablaze with arguments regarding respect for the flag, peaceful protest and of course, perceptions of how people of color are treated.

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