Welcome to the Club!

Last year, I did the GoodReads challenge and read 40 in one year. If you’re like me, and  you want to read ALL THE THINGS and get overwhelmed when you walk into a bookstore or a library, this is the spot for you.
Speaking of GoodReads, they have a great app with reviews, including others in your community, where you can see what they are reading/have read and how they rated their reads.  It has been very useful in keeping a list of all the interesting books I come across (now my list is over 500).
In this section,  I’ll review books I’ve read and hopefully this will encourage more in depth conversation in the comments or on my Fortunate Femme FB page. For the more informational, non-fiction books, I will try to provide a run-down of the salient points and useful take-aways.
I would love for this to become a new online book club of sorts and am open to suggestions for further reading. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the books and share my novel experiences with you. See what I did there?

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