The Rubber Band Ball of Awesomeness

Every year we hit the school supplies, I am always excited by all the fun organizational stuff that admittedly, we probably don’t need.
On the rack at Target, there was a rubber band ball that I found particularly alluring. But come on. I can just make one!
So that night I youtubed it and it was actually pretty fun.
I am not a knitter. I can’t sew a button. But I did once attempt a friendship bracelet business with my best friend in elementary school.
It felt really good to put my hands to work. There is definitely something meditative about it.
I feel a little like Pee Wee Herman. Remember his giant foil ball? Truly something to aspire to.
And now, I have this cool, fun, sculptural and bouncy conversational piece that doubles as an organizational tool!
Because before The Ball came into my life, we had piles of rubber bands and plastic ziploc bags to hold the rubber bands junking up a counter.
I no longer need to shake my fist at the mailman for constantly supplying me with more clutter.
Now, I’m like, “Oooh! More rubber bands! Eureka!”

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