This is how we will win back Congress & #Resist

You may have heard about Steve King’s (R-IA) disgraceful tweets about populating the world with “someone else’s babies” which, of course, David Duke retweeted. It’s just the most recent in a list of gross white-Supremacist comments he has made over the years.  

King recently supported the Netherlands’ far right candidate Geert Wilders (he lost) saying “cultural suicide by demographic transformation must end,” which is a new, fancy way of saying “let’s not mix races and become impure” or some other shit we clearly recognize as white supremacist. I mean, he could have been talking about anti-miscegenation laws (RIP 17th century-1967). 

Newsflash, the human race has progressed too far for this shit. We know better, and we will do better.

I am not a fan of sharing or using biased media sources, but in this situation, Shareblue will do.

Read this article spotlighting one rising candidate, Kim Weaver, who is fighting to unseat King (of the racists?) in Iowa. Also cited are other up and coming candidates looking to unseat Rs: Kathryn Allen in Utah (suck it Chaffetz),Jon Ossoff in Georgia (to replace Tom Price of HHS shame), and Rob Quist (Montana). 

This is how we will resist this administration and the Republican Party. For 2018, it starts now.  Share this information far & wide, research these candidates, talk them up on social media if you like them, get their names out, consider contributing to their campaigns. If you live in a deep blue state like I do, donating money will probably be the most effective way to break out beyond your social media bubble and help make a difference. 

As the Goonies would say “This is OUR TIME” or something. Now pass me a Baby Ruth.

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