Savannah Day Trip with Kids

During our 2015 Spring Break, we stayed at Hilton Head and drove into Savannah for the first time.  It was a decidely hot day in the city (mid-80’s) with little kids in tow (3 & 5). So we focused on kid friendly attractions and visited the Savannah Children’s Museum and the Georgia State Railroad Museum. Both are located outside at Tricentennial Park.

Children could explore inside historic railcars and play outside among the old trains next to the Railroad Museum. The Children’s Museum is located outside an old brick building that was the lower level of the Central of Georgia Railway Carpentry Shop and upper courtyard.

There were life-sized activities for kids to explore. They enjoyed it, though frankly, there was so little shade, we found ourselves seeking shelter under the many little brick archways throughout the structure. Definitely a fun activity with the kids, but maybe reserve it for a cooler, less sunny day. Or bring lots of sunscreen.


Then we walked to Forsyth Park, where we enjoyed the playground, Spanish Moss hanging from cedar trees throughout, and musicians busking. The saxophone was my favorite. Seemed to fit the soul of the city to me.

evaforsyth (2)

This year, while visiting Tybee Island, we took a stroll down Jones Street, which has been listed as one of the prettiest streets in the country. Even the kids enjoyed seeing “secret gardens” behind wrought iron fences and fancy entrances with ivy, wrought iron and cavelike ground floor entrances below higher 1st floor front doors.  The landscaping along the sidewalks and front gardens added to their curb appeal.




For lunch, we visited the Crystal Beer Parlor where the walls were filled with old artifacts from Savannah’s local history.

The menu was sizable, the staff was friendly, and the desserts were classic, but not boring, and utterly sinful. We all shared a fried pound-cake, “GAWGIA” Peach Cobbler a la mode, and a 6-layer carrot cake.

Didn’t bother to wait for a picture. Already dug in!
Crystal Beer Parlor Savannah
Loved the classic Run DMC styling


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