The Basement-Fun Mexican Bar and Restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland

On our first day arriving in Scotland, we were exhausted from taking the red eye out  of Dulles and essentially skipping a night’s sleep. But we had to eat and kill some time before we could check in to our place. 

So our driver from the airport recommended The Basement. Aptly named, since it’s on the ground floor of an old building and you access the entrance down a flight of stairs where you will find a charming couple of tables for those wanting to dine al fresco. 
What better place to eat Mexican than in Scotland, right? Actually, there may be something to this because fish and chips is not really on the top of my dietary preferences.

The seating was colorful, fun, and inviting with pillows strewn across the bench seating against the walls. 

I ordered steak fajitas, which come out deconstructed, with a sizzling platter of meat on a top rack and underneath, all the fixin’s (pepper, onions, mayo, guacamole!, cheese, and tortillas). I tried the cinnamon albondigas (meatballs) but it was the spicy version of cinnamon that I dislike.

The best part was actually the guacamole and chips. They make the guac from scratch  tableside and you choose what you want to go in it. They also had chips with a trio of dips to taste- a corn salsa, regular tomato salsa, and salsa verde. 

The second best part was the fun decor. The staff was super friendly as well. 

It was laid back enough that one or two of us may have dozed off a little because we were that tired. 

If I had not been completely wiped out, I would definitely have taken a ‘rita to go. Or take-away as the Brits and Scots say. 

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