Easy Corn Soup with Brown Butter Seeds & Tomatoes with Ricotta and Herbs

The other night I made the perfect fresh late-summer dinner. As the evenings have gotten cooler, I’ve been gearing up for soup season. This meal of two Real Simple recipes was just the right balance of warmth and freshness for the season.

I’m not really sure why it is called 2-Ingredient Corn Soup when there are definitely more than two ingredients. Anyway, it was easy, healthy and fresh. The best part of all was the brown butter mixed with coriander (I only had ground coriander on hand), sesame seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Or should I say, the best part was smelling it. Brown butter is one of the best kitchen smells in the world, in my opinion.

Even simpler, I used an immersion blender rather than pouring the soup into a blender in batches. If you make a lot of soups, immersion blenders are invaluable (I think this is the one I have).


The Tomatoes with Ricotta and Herbs was super easy to make. We used fresh onion grass (basically chives) that are growing wild in our yard right now. The kids love contributing to the meal when it means using the scissors.

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