Arm-Knit Scarf Class at Michael’s in Timonium

If you haven’t heard (me neither), arm-knitting is all the rage these days! Who needs knitting needles when you’ve got…your arms!

I don’t know who comes up with this stuff, but whoever first invented knitting must have been a visual-spatial genius.

Arm-knitting is basically the same technique but just using your arm, wrists, and hands. Those who are into S & M but feel they may be getting a little old for it…might want to try this because you sometimes feel handcuffed. Just a thought!

On a similar note, you may find yourself literally “tied-up” with your wrists wrapped up, while your child sleepwalks into your room, crawls onto your lap and sleeps on top of you, as if they instinctively know you are a captive audience. Just embrace the cuteness.

Anyway, I learned how to knit a square last year by taking a free beginner knitting class online by a lovely Brit at Blissfully Crafted. It even helped get my 6 year old daughter started.

I saw an arm-knitting video once and it looked like a quick easy-ish way to make a scarf or blanket. Then I discovered Michaels had a class for it. Christmas is coming up; who doesn’t love hand(arm)-made gifts?!

So how was this particular class? Well, we had a 50% attrition rate-2 out of 4 students gave up and left.

The teacher tried referring to the grainy black and white photos and instructions on the Michaels print-outs, but they were not very helpful. Mostly, she referred repeatedly to a YouTube video for instructions. Later, when packing up our things, she off-handedly volunteered that she hasn’t arm-knitted in the 3-4 years!

Though the instructor’s knowledge left a lot to be desired, she was very friendly and helpful. I’m glad I did it. It’s still better to have someone in person to show you what you are doing wrong and help you fix it, rather than sitting at home watching a video, in my opinion. Plus, it was a free class and she helped me pick out the kind of yarn I needed beforehand. I’d recommend it, but with the caveat that you will need to be patient and remember that it is a free class after all. You get what you (don’t) pay for.

Ultimately, I persevered and managed to complete an infinity scarf, which my daughter loves and is choosing to wear just in time for her school picture day today.

I also bought extra yarn with which to teach my daughter and she is super excited. I spent a sweet hour of quality time teaching her how to do it, and finished this cowl the next day.  Once we got past the casting on part, she was knitting with her eyes closed! We might even start selling our wares on Etsy one day, once we hone our craft.

If you’re curious what it’s all about, check out Simply Maggie for videos.

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