Family Night Out in Breckenridge – Sleigh Ride and Dinner at The Hangar

After a full day of skiing, I was kind of stressed about the timing of getting the kids back out for our sleigh ride excursion through Good Time Adventures.  I had called the day before to see if there were any spots available over the next few days-spots seemed to be filling up. I had called a week before for the dogsledding ride but they were already booked.

So I took my chances and booked us for a 6pm sleigh ride.  To make the timing tighter, I realized after booking that they ask you to be there a half hour early. This was not, as I suspected, entirely necessary. As luck would have it, our ski day ended a little early due to heavy winds and the chair lifts being stopped. It worked out well as it allowed us a little downtown before heading back out.

Our sleigh-ride was marketed as “hot cocoa and sleigh ride” but the hot cocoa was simply Swiss Miss in plain cups that you make yourself-nothing nearly as nice I had expected. BUT the ride itself was worth it.


It was a beautiful moonlit night, so our group opted to ride without any lights on.  A serene trek through the woods, it felt like we had traveled back in time and had a sense for what it was like in the olden days when people got around this way. We I  enjoyed singing a little “Jingle Bells” except we had a 2-horse open sleigh and the kids wanted none of my singing. They had provided us with blankets as well, which was a really cozy touch.

Toward the end of our ride, the owner’s dog showed up to run chase the sleigh and run alongside us for a bit. As a dog lover, this was absolutely magical. Also adorable-the dog had on one of those costumes with the cowboy on his back so it looked like it was riding him.

Afterward, we got to pet the horses (Smith & Wesson), get our pictures taken and have more hot chocolate.

We hadn’t had any plans for dinner since most places didn’t take reservations and we figured we may find something out of town off of main street on our way back.  Turns out, there is not much around outside the little village of Breckenridge. Yelp found us The Hangar which we couldn’t find at first, but are so glad we did. It is located across from the dispensaries on Airport Road.

I would describe The Hangar as a local jam band kind of bar/restaurant. Totally laid back and when we went, fairly empty.  There was a couch, a drum set, and a couple other instruments I can’t recall ready for anyone to jump in and play. I hadn’t realized until afterward that they even have a glass blowing studio attached to the restaurant.

After our burgers and pizza, we weren’t quite ready to leave in spite of the kids’ bedtime and asked for a dessert menu. They didn’t have one at the time, so they just whipped up something up for us-fresh sopapilla with chocolate sauce and honey for dipping. It was incredible and we devoured it.



The food was good, the service was friendly, but the best part was the free unlimited Ms. Pac Man game that occupied the kids the entire time. While they got initiated into a classic arcade game from my childhood. Of course, I schooled my teenage stepson as I cleared the board on my first try. Still got it!

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