Baltimore Gangs

Baltimore has earned a reputation for crime. Some call it Charm City; others call it Bodymore, Murdaland. Some students were aghast at the level of gang activity here. Having worked in just the womens’ prison, this was no surprise. Detectives Smith and Miller began their presentation on gangs with a gangsta rap video  to demonstrate … More Baltimore Gangs

Arm-Knit Scarf Class at Michael’s in Timonium

If you haven’t heard (me neither), arm-knitting is all the rage these days! Who needs knitting needles when you’ve got…your arms! I don’t know who comes up with this stuff, but whoever first invented knitting must have been a visual-spatial genius. Arm-knitting is basically the same technique but just using your arm, wrists, and hands. … More Arm-Knit Scarf Class at Michael’s in Timonium