Time to get real

You guys…Today is the day. Today is the day I will begin to get healthy and strong again. I generally feel pretty darn good about myself. I mean, I still do…but with one exception. My weight. I’ve always been petite and athletic. That is how I see myself.

But then…

I see pictures. And the reality hits me. That is not who I am. I don’t recognize the woman in those pictures. Something needs to change.

If you are overweight and happy with where you are, Great! More power to you. I won’t sit here and tell you how to look or how you should feel about yourself.

This is a personal decision. I want to be healthy and enjoy this fortunate life I love. We have big plans of traveling the world as we get older and I want to be in shape for that.

My doctor wants me to lose some weight. My blood pressure has been somewhat high the last few times I’ve had it taken.

Enough is enough.

No more excuses.

I need to get real about cutting out carbs and sugars and doing real honest to God kick butt workouts. I need to get back into weight lifting. Really give Convict Conditioning a try. Take a dance class. I cannot rely on dog walks to get me where I want to be.

I’m going to need your help to stay honest and excuse-free. I’ve got way more things that interest and excite me besides food. I can do this.

I’m open to suggestions. Great workout apps? A supportive community to join? Share your stories in the comments and what has worked for you.

2 thoughts on “Time to get real

  1. Go for it, Tara! You can do anything you put your mind to!

    Since you said you were open to suggestions, I recommend a meat-free and dairy-free, or even vegan diet, over increasing meat consumption when decreasing carbs. It is healthiest for your body, including your heart and maintaining a healthy level of cholesterol. I have a friend who lost a ton of weight changing to a vegan diet last year, and she combined it with exercise. It seems extreme right now, but you will probably feel much better on that clean diet. You can slowly eliminate foods in stages, if that is easier than eliminating it all at once. I hope you appreciate my sharing my input and don’t resent me for it. I know the changes you are taking on is a HUGE commitment! You can accomplish any goal! Xoxox


    1. I am always open to suggestions!! I am cutting down dairy naturally, since I’m not doing the protein shakes anymore (i think i’m becoming a little intolerant to it). Trying not to overdo it on the meat, but it is so hard to find something to eat with all these restrictions! You must have seen me chowing down on that fried chicken :).


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