New Eating Regimen, Check.

so long sweet friend

This is my 5th day on a no carb/no sugar diet. Ok, so my super supportive husband encouraged me to at least get the pistachio chocolate creme brulee at dinner Saturday night. And I had some popcorn and yogurt (Noosa, caramel) on Friday. Ok, and OJ with my egg, ham and cheese breakfast. And a chocolate protein smoothie one day.

BUT this a huge, momentous mental shift for me. I love my baked goods and sweets and carbs.I was always against the idea of cutting out an entire food group. I thought it would be way too hard. And genius that I am, I decided to do this at probably the hardest time of the year.

Sunday was our annual stop at Weber’s Farm. It’s a great fall place to visit. Hayride, big slide down the hill (with burlap sacs), farm animals, a maze, and other activities for kids. But the piece de resistance for me was always their big cake rolls…I’m talking Pumpkin and Cream, Red Velvet, and the best flavor combination in the world…Chocolate and Peanut Butter. I look forward to this all year. What did I get? An apple. And a double burger without the bun.

Next up is Halloween. I am totally that parent who steals the kids’ candy. I mean, it’s not good for them to eat all that sugar…just taking one for the team, right? My husband offered to avoid the candies as well, for solidarity. He was pleasantly shocked when I replied “Nah, I don’t care if you eat it.” Basically, he can eat what he wants. I’m doing this no matter what and I don’t think it will make a difference in my willpower.

And then you’ve got Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and both my kids’ birthdays in January and February (caaakkeee!!!)

So far, I have avoided the amazing looking black bottoms that a fellow book clubber brought to book club. I even avoided most of the amazing pastas, gnocchis and risottos at Sotto Sopra, opting for prosciutto and fried artichokes and the rack of lamb with broccolini. Have you any idea how hard it is for an Italian to avoid this comfort food, especially at a really good Italian restaurant? Also, no alcohol.

Speaking of comfort food, my aunt makes chicken soup with Acini di Pepe (little pasta balls)…we had some leftover and I only took the broth! From this, I realized that I could substitute my tea (because I only like it with sugar and milk) with broth in the cold winter months.

Anyway, this is a major change for me and so far, it’s not been nearly as difficult as I thought it would. I think I just needed to be mentally ready. I have enough good, interesting stuff going on in my life that I can focus on. I don’t need this food to make me feel complete.

I’m excited to see the change in my body as I continue. So follow me on my journey and please share your recipes or general dieting ideas, tips, tricks in the comments!

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