Buenos Dias from Playa Del Carmen!


I am spending the next several days in Cancun celebrating a friend’s 40th. I’ll be  bragging sharing the experience as I have time…

My other trips are taking forever to get to so I’m trying this novel approach-blogging while I’m still here!

Of course, this time I am sans kids and husband. My friend Emily blogs too, and is writing a book, so we’ll be dueling bloggers this week.

We got in yesterday after a fairly smooth trip. I say fairly smooth because our shuttle that picked us up at 5 am got in a fender-bender on the way to the airport.

We hit the back of our heads pretty badly but felt OK. So basically, now we have an excuse to get a massage! I was probably going to get one anyway, but now I’ll feel less guilty about it.

I will take this moment to thank my wonderful husband for taking the kids on his own this week and telling me to enjoy my trip. Sorry ladies, he’s taken. Like forever, so just don’t even think about it!

Moving on…

We’re staying at the Grand Velas resort in the Grand Class section.

We ate at the Bistro for a late lunch where I got what must have been the world’s tiniest quiche lorraine (sooooo yummy) and salade nicoise.



For dinner, we got all gussied up and tried out the formal french restaurant, Piaf. It felt like we were on The Bachelor, if the bachelorette decided to ditch him and just date each other instead. I know, great idea, right? Mark Burnett, call me….

There was a harpist and a single red rose on our table. The food was very fancy, even by French standards. The servings were quite small, which was fine for us, since we were tired, not super hungry, and trying to be good influences on each other so our trainers won’t kick our butts too much when we get home.

I tried the foie gras even though I’m not generally a fan because it came with nougat and sea salt caramel ice cream. I’d get it again without the fois gras though I could hear my husband’s voice in my head yelling “Sacrilege!” (in french, which just so happens to be the same word). Now you can say you know some French.

This, followed by a delicious duck breast (also tiny but not as tiny) and a crème brûlée that was ironically larger than expected.

Follow me through the days in this 5-Part series…Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5.

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