Chill Beach Day at Grand Velas

It’s a good thing that Day 3 was a chill day because I keep forgetting that I can’t drink 2 cocktails in the evening if I want to actually sleep through the night. So I was pretty tired and ready to take it easy.

The upside of waking up early though, is that I managed to catch the sunrise every morning. I could never grow tired of such a beautiful sight.

We started with a lovely breakfast out on our deck. I was excited to order one of my favorites which is hard to find-eggs benedict! We also enjoyed fresh fruit every morning. And everything was served with style!

Then we hit the gym in honor of our trainers and the endless sugary alcoholic beverages and mini bar snacks.

Once we got that over with, we settled in on the beach and got a little bit more exercise swimming, walking along the beach and looking for seashells to bring home for the kids.

Lunch was served on our lounge chairs at the beach…fish tacos, shrimp cocktail, chips and guac…and chocolate coladas and pina coladas.

We enjoyed drinks at a jazzy lounge bar with a live band before heading to Sen-Lin, Grand Velas’ Asian fusion style restaurant in the Zen area of the resort, same area as the spa.

Yet again, the food was impeccable as well as the service. Along with the artful renditions of Asian-styled food like peking duck, a black quinoa salad with an incredible crunch, and tuna tartare, they also included multiple “compliments” and amuse bouches.

We took a walk around the Zen grounds afterward. It was like exploring a tree house, as we walked along the raised, covered boardwalk among the forest.

As I am a pretty picky dessert eater, I waited until we returned to our room for my milk and cookies. Livin’ it up!

See what we get into tomorrow in Part 4

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