Hello Again, ZUMBA!

zumba2-1024x339I know Zumba is not a new thing…I tried it several years ago when I was motivated to lose weight after my first child.  I was following a weight lifting program. I felt like I was flailing my body around too much to actually engage my muscles enough to get a good workout.

It must have been the instructor, because thanks to a friend’s off-handed suggestion that we should totally try Zumba together on Wednesday mornings, I tried it out this Saturday and LOVED IT! This class was super fun and kicked my butt. I don’t remember sweating so much since I played soccer in high school. The instructor was super friendly and exciting and I felt like I was at a dance club in the middle of the day.

Have I mentioned I love to dance? I’ve taken some latin dance/ballroom classes in the past. I love to shake my ass and I generally don’t care who’s watching. I have this vision of myself as a really great dancer. So cool. So smooth…Accurate? Who cares?! Ok, maybe a little. I’d LOVE if I can be back in shape AND be able to dance well. I imagine myself like a Miss Jackson hip hop backup dancer.

Anyway, I took another class this morning. Different instructor. Still awesome. She reminded me of Poussey from Orange is the New Black. So cool. Here were my thoughts:

  • This is sooo fun!
  • OMG when is this song going to be over?
  • What is she doing with her feet?
  • Oh no, wish I had bought that special leakage underwear
  • Oh yeah! I got mooooves. I am so cool.
  • I can totally learn this dance and show off my moves in Mexico!
  • OMG I can barely move my legs anymore
  • This is kicking my ass
  • This is so fun!
  • I think I’m going to die.
  • Remember my inhaler for next time.

Bonus: We are supposed to wear our Halloween costumes on the 31st to class and there will be a costume contest. AWESOME

NB: I also decided to bite the bullet and get a trainer. Waiting to hear back about that. And I’m doing the 22 pushups for 22 days on FB to raise awareness of veterans who commit suicide.  Michelle Obama arms, here I come!

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